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The Regional Livestock Farmer’s Union of Jalisco (UGRJ) was created in 1955 to promote stockbreeding in our state. Union members have implemented and held many different programs, training sessions and events in which the everyday farmer has been able to obtain the tools necessary to better the genetic quality of this Livestock Farmer’s Expo in 1967, and with the passage of time the Expo has become the best livestock farmer’s Expo in Mexico. Many specialized Farming Associations choose to take part in this annual event to present information pertinent to the region, nation and world.

The Jalisco State Livestock Farmer’s Expo is also a center of business for many national and foreign livestock farmers. They present various types of cattle, horses, sheep and pigs of the highest quality. Furthermore, they showcase the most recent technological advances in genetically enhanced livestock. During the exposition, there are approximately 4,500 animals on display in different stages of development.

The Expo usually draws a great number of local, national and foreign visitors, averaging around 25,000 per day. In addition to aiding current livestock farmers, the UGRJ is also concerned about younger generations. The union works to ensure that students know about the different types of animals, their characteristics and uses. This is done by inviting school to participate in free guided tours of the Expo, interactive workshops, lessons and lectures.

In addition to the varied livestock and commercial exhibits, the Jalisco State Livestock Farmer’s Expo also offers  the Mexican Charrería, superb regional cuisine, artistic events, and contests and activities for kids. This event is truly the best of its kind in the country.

During this agricultural and livestock fair, visitors can observe the different classifications of livestock, participate in artistic and equestrian events, shop for a wide range of product in different commercial areas and participate in our Cabalgatón in which teams must compete in a series of ranching events. Children can enjoy contest especially for them, exciting charreadas, the miniature farm, interactive workshops, the “greased piglet catching” game and the pig races.

Always looking to keep a fresh and modern image, the Jalisco State Livestock Farmer’s Expo is modified each year in order to better present our country and its people. A contest is held among regional universities in which over 150 students compete to create the most imaginative new design concept. One of these creative concepts is selected each year to represent the new face of the Expo.

The Jalisco State Livestock Farmer’s Expo will take place October 06 to November 02 this year. The Expo is sure to please and provide visitors with the best in livestock farming and events.


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